History & Culture

Technology has changed a great deal since Compro was founded in 1998.  Advances like cloud computing, solid state drives and remote services have impacted how individuals, companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations utilize technology.

One thing which hasn't changed since our founding, however, is our belief that exceptional customer service stands the test of time.  Our growth has continued due to the fact that our focus has remained on providing great sales and service experiences as well as adopting new technologies.  Our customers range from private clients and companies of all different sizes to nonprofit organizations, hospitals, educational institutions, and government agencies.  They trust our knowledgeable technicians, value their relationship with ownership and respect the extensive industry contacts we have cultivated over the years.

Further advances in technology will continue to surprise and make life easier for our customers.  By staying true to our principles and treating our customers with respect, our success is limited only by the imagination.

Our Vision

To become the Delaware Valley's premier technology services company.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing high quality products and services to private clients, businesses and nonprofit organizations, and resellers.  We strive to develop and maintain a mutual respect and professional business relationship with our customers.

Our Principles

1. The interests of our customers will always come first
2. Our ultimate goal is to provider superior customer service
3. Out of our assets, our reputation is the most difficult to restore
4. Being the best is worth more than being the largest
5. We adapt to changing markets and advances in technology